What to pack in October

by - October 02, 2019

You’re probably taking a trip in October and you’re wondering what to pack.

Here’s a tip, pink earrings, a pink cardigan, pink socks, a pink shirt, a pink pair of sunglasses, even a pink suitcase if you have one. Yes, you get the gist of this article. It is indeed Breast Cancer Awareness Month and packing something pink shows your support in the fight against breast cancer, the fight for a cure.

It's autumn and you're probably thinking of visiting Germany, Czech Republic or Spain for the beautiful scenery and activities that they have to offer. Amongst your pre-winter outfits you may also want to add one more item to your list and that is ‘Vans’! Yes the brand!

The brand has recently launched their collection in support of ‘Coppafeel’, a charity founded by Kate who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the tender age of 23.

You could purchase one of the Vans' products available online or you may wish to donate directly to this cause and that is available on their website → https://coppafeel.org  

Whatever you pack in your suitcase is really up to you and your destination. If you are heading to a colder climate you are advised to pack a nice coat, some boots or sneakers, a few pairs of jeans and any shirts of your choice. Don't forget that you may want to take some lip balm and some moisturising products for your hair and skin. The cold weather tends to make you hair and skin more dry.

If you're looking for a more tropical climate, you could pack some swimwear, sundress, flip flops, shorts and definitely some sunglasses and a hat. Remember that sunscreen is an essential especially if you plan to spend long hours at the beach. 

For those of you participating in the annual walks/runs in your cities, or even your target city, pack a pair of pink sneakers or purchase a pair with some pink highlights to accessorise the outfit that you'll be wearing. 

Add something pink to your suitcase even if it's a ring or a watch or your passport cover case. Show your support this and every October. 

So let's pack for the month and walk for the cure! 

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