How to get to your destination at a cheaper price

by - November 22, 2019

You need to think outside of the box and your comfort zone when you travel. The idea is not to think of how to get to your destination but rather just arriving safely at your destination.

Considering the way you travel should be deemed important, right up there next to first class with a bottle of champagne. A private jet would be a better option but this isn't that type of article because who doesn't like to save a penny when you can.

So, below are some tips that prove to be very cost effective and efficient in helping you to travel low-cost and adventurous. 

1. Track transport prices

It is best to track your progress when travelling from deciding on a destination to arriving there.
Tracking the rise and fall of transport costs therefore becomes an essential part of your experience.
This way you can see:
  • when is the best time to book 
  • how much funds you should need on average 
  • which means of transport best suits your budget
Whatever your reasons, tracking your progress and prices will be beneficial to you in more ways than one. 

2. Pre-book 

Book in advance, even if you have no idea where you will be staying, those other details should come afterwards. Facts are you will always find someplace to lodge and most times it may be less expensive than the price you were going to pay in the first place.

We aren't talking about booking a day in advance but rather 3 months to 21 days in advance. The prices are at their best between this time frame. However, it may be the case that at times, you find something cheaper 15 to 5 days before your trip.

This is the rare occurence when the company is offering some form of promotion but if you were tracking your progress and prices, you would have been able to see the rise and fall and chosen the best moment to book your ticket ahead of time.

3. Choose a different start/end point

It is sometimes and honestly more often than expected more economical to reach your destination if you travel from another location. Of course you need to count the costs of arriving at the neighbouring destination to see if it is friendly towards you and your budget but that is only a minor part of the process in a long way to saving on your journey.

You may also need to consider staying on someone's couch or getting a room in a budget hotel for a night or two. No worries, the bread and breakfast adventure won't kill you but it will definitely help you to save some change.

4. Use a different mode of transport 

We are creatures of habit so many persons don't even consider taking other forms of transport besides the train or plane. They are seemingly the most mainstream, rapid and convenient and in some instances this may be true but they are also the most costly especially if you don't have some form of reduction when you book.

Maybe you could:
  • Try swapping out your train ticket for a ride on a bus from time to time. You may be surprised that you actually like it or maybe you won't but it definitely doesn't hurt to try. 
  •  Consider carpooling! Yes you may be scared for various reasons but you shouldn't judge it till you've tried it. You could save a few bucks here and there. Think of it as an uber ride with more people travelling longer distances and hey if hitchhiking is on your bucket list, this counts as a 'safer' way of doing it. 
  •  Rent a vehicle and take a road trip. 
Break the habit and set out for an adventure that could cost you two times less than you are currently paying. 

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