A Bajan in Japan

by - November 10, 2019

Ever wanted to know what it was like to live and work in Japan? Maybe you are thinking of moving there soon or you're just plain curious. Well, you are in luck because this article features the journey of a Barbadian living and working in Japan.

girl holding japanese calligraphy
Dawn first went to Japan in 2014 where she studied Japanese amongst other subjects at the Osaka Gakuin University. It was an exchange program offered by her university in Barbados where she was at the time studying Spanish. After completing her undergraduate studies, she returned to Japan in 2016 and enrolled in a language school.

During her studies, she passed the highest level of Japanese language proficiency and held a part time post working for an entertainment news media house which is based in Osaka. This post consisted of verifying translations done by the company's main translators but over time more responsibility was added to her workload. This allowed her to develop professionally and to be exposed to Japanese office culture.

Duly prepared for the next step in her life she began working with the 2020 Olympic team in Japan and the host town programme.

Nanyo has become the host town for Barbados’ 2020 Olympic team and it will be the site of the athletes’ pre-games training camp where they will take time to adjust to the time zone difference and to the climate in Japan in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Now working as a Coordinator for International Relations in Nanyo City Hall, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, she is the point of contact between the Barbados Olympic Association and Nanyo City.
Dawn also plans and participates in events aimed at sharing Barbadian culture with Nanyo citizens like the courtesy visit of Nanyo city officials to the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) in August 2019.

people holding barbados flag in Japanpresentation of the country Barbados in Japan

For Dawn, each day spent in Japan is a new adventure. She enjoys every moment of it. She even has the opportunity to see some Barbadian friends at times. Working in this sector allows her to do something that she really loves while living far from 'home'.

To learn more about her experiences, check out her blog A Bajan in Japan.

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