Travelling for festivals in foreign countries

by - September 22, 2019

We can travel for many things, for pleasure, for academics, for sports, for business etc., and travelling for festivals is not uncommon today.

Many persons automatically think that a festival is a concert or a carnival and music must be included in this activity. Although festivals are often associated with music as music is a form of cultural representation, this is not always the case. In fact, by definition, a festival is "a day or period of celebration". ("Festival," def. 1. Oxford Pocket Dictionary, 10th ed., 2005, p. 331.) 

The excitement of a celebration or a cultural share draws us closer to each other or farther away for that matter but in any case, we enjoy the adrenaline rush of searching for tickets even at the very last moment. Sometimes booking our seats for the event can be such a thought-draining process. "Am I close enough to the stage? Who will I be next too? How large will the crowd be? Please don't let there be any crying babies around, I hope the weather will be good…etc." Nonetheless, we get everything booked, we pack up and leave for a fun, informative time whether it be music, dance, comedy, poetry, art, food... we are ready to experience an amazing time, good food and a whole different culture or even relish in our own.

On the plane alone or with friends or family, we get to thinking of what to expect. How long will the show be, I wonder what my favorite artiste will perform this time and will he/she give their best performance and if you're the artiste, you're probably thinking more than anything else, will I be any good and how will the people respond to what I'm trying to portray.

We go to festivals to express or to be impressed, to meet new people and definitely to enjoy what the entertainers have to offer.

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