The Best Deals

by - September 20, 2019

Do you like to walk into your favorite store and see that there is a big sale going on?
Maybe you just checked your email and realised you received  a partial scholarship or a study grant or even some news from Amazon offering you 70% off your next purchase. We all love to see this type of news, don’t we? 

Today, there are so many ways of paying "less" for whatsoever you wish.
You can use thrift shops instead of mainstream clothing stores, purchase items second hand, and you can definitely look online for those great deals.
Coupons too are an option and these can be found in many different places like: online, at the airport, in your travel agency, in your nearest bookstore. You may even find sales representatives on the street offering you a little booklet of coupon cut-outs. It's all part of the marketing strategy but nevertheless we still love to get a discount

Guess what? You can even find travel deals that would assist you in paying less for your flight.
Sites like:
These sites may also allow to book your accommodation as well as part of a package deal. (You may want to check out different sites first before buying a package).

Besides that you could search for everyday coupons and travel coupons by visiting websites like:
In addition to all that, shopping online nowadays can be very convenient as there are many websites that offer deals and more recently flash sales that you just can't miss out on. Some are as follows:
If it's a deal that you are looking for, you really don't have to look very far because they are all over. 

The trick to this is that you think you are saving loads of money because the item you want costs way less online than it does in the store, or that this 20% coupon is saving you a bit. Spoiler alert, that's what the company wants you to think when really they are earning a lot more from these "deals" than they would from selling you the product directly. 

We buy the product because it appears "cheap" when we really don't need it. We become addicted to online shopping for deals and end up spending more money than if we bought the product in the store. We keep going back for more online when we would cringe at the thought of buying two pairs of sneakers at the store in one go for example because free shipping jumps out at you or the 30% off today only

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Shop around because some deals are not worth it but some can definitely save you a buck or two especially on flights. Be smart about how you shop before you end up spending 50 dollars when you only intended to spend 5! 
It's up to you to find "the best deals".

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