The 10 best reasons why you should stay in a hostel

by - September 18, 2019

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there, here we are again discussing accommodation. One of the more important factors when booking a trip.

In the article "Should I stay in a hostel?" we discussed why staying in a hostel is one of the things that you should do at least once in your life and now we will give you the top ten best reasons why you stay in a hostel.

Let's get going …

1. Price 

There is no doubt whatsoever that the price of paying for a bed or even a room in a hostel is one of the deciding factors in choosing to stay at a hostel. The general price of a hostel suits everyone's budget, from the backpacker to the CEO (even though he/she may prefer a hotel and well… more often than not the company pays for their abode).

The price of a bed may depend on the number of beds in the room or on the time of year when the room/bed is booked but nonetheless it remains affordable and may only cost you a of what you may pay at a hotel. 

2. Location

You may want to stay in the hustle and bustle of the city or you may prefer the outskirts where it is a little more calm. Hostels in participating cities tend to be stretched out across the country and it is not very difficult to find a hostel in an area that is pleasing to you.
3. Choice

Have you ever heard the single "Options", Pitbull feat. Stephen Marley, well you can listen here
There are many variations of hostels so it's up to you to choose "the top one" depending on what type of atmosphere and location attracts you. Many of them are themed and have a variety of different amenities available to you. With a quick search and the application of a few filters you can find exactly what you are looking for.
The choice is yours!

4. Assistance

Whether you are visiting a new city or returning for the umpteenth time, hostels have staff that are generally well-informed and offer you assistance in any area that you may need. They also offer recommendations for places to eat, clubs to visit, things you must see, even areas to avoid etc. 
Like hotels, they have plenty literature that you can read for yourself too. (Many of them also have personalised city maps so don't forget to ask for one!)

5. Discounts

As the hostel personnel offers you information, they may include some of the special offers that you are entitled to as a temporary resident in their establishment. Most hostels allow you to receive coupons that may reduce your costs of entering certain attractions, bars, cafes or discounted prices on tours, etc., so feel free to find out about what they can offer you if you aren't told. (Read more in our Travel Tricks section).

6. Information

Staying in a hostels allows you to have information that you sometimes wouldn't be able to get on the streets. As seen above in the assistance section. The staff assists you and provides you with information that is authentic as most staff members in hostels are locals and they have been in the business for a while. The information is tailored to suit your needs, especially on a budget.

7. Meeting People

If there is one place that you are guaranteed to meet people and even make a new friend, then a hostel is definitely the place to do so. Seeing that this type of accommodation has many shared spaces, there is no doubt that you would bump into someone and a friendly hello can definitely set you in the right travel and friend making mood.


Most hostels are equipped with a bar or a lounge area where you can sit, relax, have a drink and socialise. This service is not provided at all hostels but when it is available to you, you can consider yourself to be at home with a nice bar area close-by or even at a nightclub within your hostel. It is quite convenient as you don't have to travel far for some nice music, friendly faces and a beverage. (Non-smoking areas so that their guests can be comfortable when having a beverage.)

9. Security

Key cards, badges or even big chunky old-fashioned keys are needed for entry into the hostel and also your room. The majority of hostels offer security from outside threats and have policies to resolve in-house situations. That being said, you should also consider walking with a lock as locker systems are provided to safeguard your property. You may also rent or buy a lock from the hostel reception. 

10. Atmosphere

Remember that camping trip or that house party or that random event where you went with a friend and then you met more people there and they also became your friend? 
A hostel provides you with a very warm and friendly atmosphere that you could really get used to but at the same time there's a festive feeling where you want to stay up till the wee hours of the morning and dance the night away. 

Whether it's the price that is just right, the location is just perfect, or you're looking for a good time and maybe to meet some people, a hostel has something fitting for you. It's up to you to book your hostel today!

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